Thrown by Love

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7AE31DDF-CE09-4B6B-9323-9FEC60300657Divorce has left Charlie even more cynical than usual, and he isn’t thrilled about coworker Helen’s homemade-themed secret Santa gift exchange at the office. But the older woman is one of his closest friends in the small village outside London he calls home, so when she follows the announcement with a leaflet about a pottery class, Charlie gives in.

When Charlie sees the instructor, Josh, he’s admittedly attracted, but not ready for another broken heart—especially from a man so much younger. Helen is determined to see Charlie happy again, though, and her meddling only magnifies what’s already between them: a real connection and the desire for much more.



“I really liked this story! I like Helen being someone who cares enough about friends and relatives to get involved in a little set up. Charlie was cheated on by his husband. He has trust issues. Josh is Helen’s cousin and he’s teaching a pottery class. They slowly warm up to each other. But can Charlie learn to trust Josh? Sweet ending!” Goodreads reviewer