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Cover reveal for Rookie Mistakes!

Rookie Mistakes (part of the Lights Out series) is set to release on June 27th! But it’s cover reveal day today. Check out the gorgeous cover below!

 Rookie Mistakes has:

🖤Famous/ordinary guy

🖤older MCs


🖤fast cars

🖤spectacular crashes

🖤& is set in the high-octane world of Formula 1

Rookie Mistakes jpg

Can a rookie mistake lead to love?

Mitch Griffiths is an ordinary man just trying to make ends meet. He lost everything thanks to his ex: his restaurant, his partner, his home. So, when his dad gifts him a ticket to the British Grand Prix and a Silverstone Driving Experience, well, a change of scene for the weekend couldn’t hurt, could it? Even if Formula 1 is kind of boring.

Robert Andilet is a veteran F1 driver on his returning season after a six-year absence. He has a lot to learn, not least of which is how to deal with the media attention, a “rivalry” between him and his rookie teammate, as well as his attraction to a man who readily admits he thinks F1 is tedious. It was a rookie mistake to let Mitch walk away after their first meeting, will Robert make the same mistake again?

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features a famous/ordinary man, older MCs, and is set in the high-octane world of Formula 1 featuring fast cars, spectacular crashes, heated rivalries, and of course, an HEA

Each book in the Lights Out collection is a standalone story, and the books can be read in any order.

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As I pulled the Lotus to a stop in front of the driving school, I still couldn’t believe Mitch thought I was an instructor. How could he not know I was an F1 driver? It wasn’t that I got recognized a lot—it was only my first year back after six away after all—but I was an F1 driver. At the circuit. On a race weekend.

But after he had stalled the car on the first attempt, I was beginning to believe he was clueless around cars and he had no idea who I was. And I was surprised at how much I liked that he didn’t.

Plus, he was hot. He had the whole “silver fox” vibe going on. His hair was shaved at the sides, but the long strands swept back on top were silver, yet his eyebrows were jet black like the square frames of his glasses that screamed nerd.

Except the tattoos on his arms said he’d have no trouble fucking someone over if they called him that to his face. He had a gauge in his left ear and a cuff with a black cat charm dangling from it that was a little skew-whiff and seemed out of place with the rest of his appearance.

And those lips. I licked my own at the sight of their plump redness emphasized by the salt-and-pepper beard surrounding them that I wanted to stroke to find out if it was as soft as it looked.

My gaze dropped to his arse as he scrambled out of the car—something else I’d like to get my hands on. But that was never going to happen at a Grand Prix weekend. There wasn’t a single out F1 driver, not that I believed for a second that meant I was the only bi, or queer, man on the grid.

Mitch made a soft noise sounding a bit like a cross between a cough and a laugh that pulled me out of my head. “Come on, you get a certificate to show you drove around the circuit. I’ll show you where you can pick it up from.” Libby had told me Mitch wasn’t the same as the other fans who’d been interviewed earlier and that he would get a record of his experience although she hadn’t elaborated on why. And I hadn’t cared enough at that time to ask, but now I wished I had.

“It’s not graded, is it? Like, he stalled the car, so he only gets a bronze.”

I chuckled but shook my head. “Nah. It’s a participation certificate and you definitely smashed that.”

Mitch opened his mouth and closed it again as a lovely pink stain crept over his cheekbones.

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Cover reveal & giveaway!

The Beta’s Vampire is set to release on June 15th! But it’s cover reveal day today. Check out the cover below.

 The Beta’s Vampire has:

🖤Enemies to lovers

🖤A vampire with an aversion to feeding on humans

🖤Sexy men that shift into adorable dogs

🖤Hurt / comfort

🖤Fated mates


Beta of the Penhul pack with a vampire? Over his dead body.

Lucian is bored. After a century of being a vampire, nothing surprises him anymore. Life, such as his can be called one, has become predictable. Humans are predictable. Add in the fact he’d rather not feed from them, and a visit with a witch friend of his clan is a welcome distraction. But when he meets Benedict, it’s anything but predictable, especially when he stumbles across the man transforming into a dog before his eyes. And never in an eternity did he think he would find himself wanting to drink the mutt’s blood.

As beta of the Penhul pack, Benedict knows pack comes first, like having to spend weeks away in the Lake District on pack business. But the last thing Benedict expects to find when he returns is his brother having found his fated mate, or worse, a vampire feeding from his witch. His homecoming definitely won’t go down as his finest moment, and he’s certainly not prepared for his reaction to the bloodsucker.

Can Benedict see past their differences and put aside his prejudices of vampires? Or will his choice of mate cost him his pack?

This MM romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, fated mates, a vampire with an aversion to feeding on humans, a sexy man that can shift into an adorable dog, and of course a HEA. The Beta’s Vampire is the second book in the Penhul pack series and should be read in order.

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August Round-up

Website Monthly Round-up post

Favourite reads

My Goodreads challenge of reading 120 books this year is ahead of schedule. So far I’ve read 97 books and here are just some of my favourite reads from August.

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Writing update

On the writing front, The Alpha’s Mate is set to release on September 15th! But it’s cover reveal day today. Check out the cover below.

 The Alpha’s Mate has:

  • Hate at first sight
  • A grieving son who has no idea who he really is
  •  The alpha of the Penhul pack
  •  Familiars that can shift into dogs
  •  Set in the area famous for the Pendle witch trials in the UK!

Alpha of the Penhul pack with a human mate? Never going to happen.

Addison knows grief can do strange things to people, but when he’s wandering Pendle Hill and witnesses a dog leap out of thin air, he thinks he must be going crazy. When the border collie morphs into a man—a very naked man—he has to be dreaming. Only when he wakes to find himself cold and alone, locked inside a bare stone room does he wonder if it was the start of a nightmare.

As the youngest alpha the Penhul pack has ever had, Drake knows he has a lot to prove. Increasing their dwindling numbers is hard enough but convincing his pack they can do so by working alongside humans is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. He was taught, as all familiars are, that humans can’t be trusted, especially not with their secret. It’s no surprise, then, that he has no idea what to do when a member of his own pack brings a human prisoner to their den. But he’s definitely not prepared for the reaction the human elicits from him.

Can Drake put aside their differences, and Addison come to accept their similarities, to save the Penhul pack from danger? A threat that may end up costing Drake not only his life but that of his fated mate?


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You could also  win a $10 Amazon gift card + an ebook copy of The Alpha’s Mate in the Rafflecopter giveaway


Until next time stay safe. And happy reading!

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Pre-order Mad about the Boy for only 99c!

Hi guys!

Mad about the Boy releases on July 31 but you can pre-order it now for only 99c / 99p!



Pre-order at Amazon US | Amazon UK



Something’s waiting for Eli. Somebody’s watching his every move…

Eli is used to looking after himself. Single for longer than he’d care to admit, he doesn’t need a man for more than a hookup, not when he’s got his loyal dog, Zeus, by his side.

But one night changes the course of his life. He meets Dominic, an actual copper and not the stripper he thought his best friend had hired for his birthday. Unfortunately for Eli, after his night out celebrating, a gift awaits him at home—but not a pleasant one.

His birthday may be over, but the threats keep coming. Keep escalating. Keep hurting those close to him. Just how far will the monster behind them go? And how much will Eli lose before he can stop them?

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Cover reveal giveaway

I’m so excited that I finally get to share the cover for Miracle On Three Kings’ Day with you all! Look how gorgeous it is ♥

MiracleOnThreeKingsDayFS_v1Levi’s family knows he needs to find a way out of his funk and be a part of the world again. His brother, Jesse, invites Levi to join him in sunny Spain for the holidays, but a delay at the airport finds Levi at Jesse’s home while his brother is stranded in Scotland. Luckily Alejandro—Alex—is on hand with a key, a friendly smile, and a willingness to keep Levi company. He might even manage to draw Levi out of his shell for some mutual flirting.

Levi surprises himself when he accepts an invitation to spend New Year’s Eve with Alex at Alex’s café, but is he ready for more when it means jumping back into life feetfirst? Besides, with an ocean between them and Alex hiding a part of his life that Levi isn’t sure he can handle, they’ll need their own Three Kings’ Day miracle to stay together.

You can order your copy as part of the Dreamspinner Press anthology or add it to your Goodreads shelf.


To celebrate the cover reveal I’m giving away a $10 Dreamspinner Press gift card plus an ebook copy of Miracle On Three Kings’ Day! For a chance to win enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here.

Good luck & Happy reading!

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Writer’s Block – A Myth?


Up until last year I wasn’t convinced writer’s block even existed. But there I was in November happily outlining the novella I’d wanted to write for years. I had a beautiful outline, excel spreadsheet – the works. The problem? Zero motivation to write the story. No idea how to start. My characters would not talk to me. So I put it to one side thinking I’ll come back to it later.



And I started plotting again — * insert evil laugh*  This time my muse took me to Pendle Hill in Lancashire and the witch trials. A shifter story of sorts. I started writing – fantastic. The words were flowing until I hit the halfway mark and stopped dead. My two main characters had been thrust together, but now they were apart, and I had no idea how to get them back together on the page. But, but I’d plotted the story…
Then came 2018 and a move across the continent back to the UK. Once settled into the new house I thought I’d pick up the story again. Nope. Then somehow I stumbled across a submission call on Dreamspinner’s website. No, I couldn’t write for them the little voices of doubt told me, I was just me scribbling away on an iPad in the spare bedroom. But a story idea sparked. I’d just left Spain, just seen my village’s Three Kings’ Day
parade so, why not? I decided to write the story. Told myself I’d decide whether to submit it or not after – just write it. Oh, the joy of flowing words. And then I edited it. And then it was decision time. And I thought the worst they can say is no! Fast forward to the 19th June, and I cried when I received their acceptance e-mail. Me, Beth Laycock, was going to be a published author with Dreamspinner Press!! Fast forward to present day, and it’s less than a month until my debut story is let loose.


I can’t wait to share Levi & Alex’s story with you. Levi’s not had a great year, so he’s visiting his brother in sunny Spain where he meets his brother’s best friend, Alex, who shows him the traditions of Spain. But Levi isn’t sure he’s ready for more than friendship with an ocean between them and Alex hiding part of his life that Levi isn’t sure he can handle, they’ll need their own Three Kings’ Day miracle to stay together.

Pre-order available at Dreamspinner Press

And as a gift (for it is almost the season!) if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus epilogue from Levi & Alex once their story is released. To receive your copy in December & to keep up to date with all my releases sign up here.


Images via Pinterest & I do not own these images.


Preorder now available


2018 Advent Calendar – Warmest wishes

Miracle on Three Kings’ Day is now available to preorder at Dreamspinner Press as part of their 2018 Advent Calendar anthology.

Holiday reading fun! A story delivered automatically to your bookshelf each day in December. More than 400,000 words of romantic fiction in 31 stories including stories from E.J. Russell, A.D. Ellis, C.S. Poe, Helena Stone & Bru Baker and more!

Buy the package early and save:

October – $39.99

November – $49.99

*Sale of packages for daily delivery ends Nov. 25.

Beginning December 1, stories will be available individually as priced or as a bulk package for $64.99.


Warmest Wishes!



It is with great pleasure I can announce that my debut story – Miracle on Three Kings’ Day – will be released by Dreamspinner Press later this year!

Stay tuned for more details including the cover reveal and release date!

Until then, Happy Reading!

Love Beth x