Opposites Attract Multi-author Promotion!

Are you a fan of opposites attract romances?

Then look no further!

I’ve got together with over 40 amazing authors to bring you all the opposites attract stories you could want!

Participating authors include: A.D. Ellis, Allison Temple, Amy Aislin, Anne Barwell, Avery Cockburn, BA Tortuga, Becca Seymour, Cara Dee, Charley Descoteaux, Charlie Cochrane, Charlie Novak, Clare London, Con Riley, Daniel May, David C Dawson, E.J. Russell, Edie Montreux, Elizabeth Noble, Emma Jaye, Emy Calirel, G.R. Lyons, Garrett Leigh, H.L Day, Irene Preston, Jackie Keswick, Jay Hogan, Jeanne St. James, Jodi Payne, Julie Bozza, Leta Blake, Liv Rancourt, Nora Phoenix, RJ Scott, Stella Shaw, Talia Carmichael, V.L. Locey, Victoria Sue, Annabelle Jacobs, Jay Northcote, Roan Parrish, Rebecca Cohen

Alpha of the Penhul pack with a human mate? Never going to happen.

Addison knows grief can do strange things to people, but when he’s wandering Pendle Hill and witnesses a dog leap out of thin air, he thinks he must be going crazy. When the border collie morphs into a man—a very naked man—he has to be dreaming. Only when he wakes to find himself cold and alone, locked inside a bare stone room does he wonder if it was the start of a nightmare.

As the youngest alpha the Penhul pack has ever had, Drake knows he has a lot to prove. Increasing their dwindling numbers is hard enough but convincing his pack they can do so by working alongside humans is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. He was taught, as all familiars are, that humans can’t be trusted, especially not with their secret. It’s no surprise, then, that he has no idea what to do when a member of his own pack brings a human prisoner to their den. But he’s definitely not prepared for the reaction the human elicits from him.

Can Drake put aside their differences, and Addison come to accept their similarities, to save the Penhul pack from danger? A threat that may end up costing Drake not only his life but that of his fated mate?

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, forced proximity, fated mates, sexy men that shift into adorable dogs, and of course a happy ending. Book 1 of the Penhul pack series.

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Until next time,

Happy reading!

Love Beth x

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