September Round-up

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Favourite reads

My Goodreads challenge of reading 120 books this year is ahead of schedule. So far I’ve read 106 books and here are just a couple of my favourite reads from September.

Writing update

On the writing front, I released The Alpha’s Mate on September 15th! I’ve got some lovely reviews for it, and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to write one, and thank you to everyone who bought or read the book.

The ending was perfect right down to the teaser. Now I just need the next one.” 

* * * * * Goodreads review 

.. it is all just wonderfully done and i cant wait for more of this series..” 

* * * * * Goodreads review


The Alpha’s Mate has:

  • Hate at first sight
  • A grieving son who has no idea who he really is
  •  The alpha of the Penhul pack
  •  Familiars that can shift into dogs
  •  Set in the area famous for the Pendle witch trials in the UK!

Buy or read on Kindle Unlimited at

To celebrate I’m having a party in my Facebook readers group Beth’s Book Snug. If you’d like to win a paperback copy of The Alpha’s Mate then come join the party today!

And more writing news — I’ve started writing my next story which is a modern fairy tale with a twist! It’s based on Little Red Riding Hood but with a hint of the paranormal. More details on that next month so stay tuned.


Until next time stay safe. And happy reading!

Beth x

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